The Two Best Business Decisions I Made This Year.

My best friend from home was over last week and we talked about what it was like being post grad. 

He asked me, “So what have you learned this past year?”

I didn’t have an answer then. Today it came to me. I have 2 answers. 

After school ended I found myself reading more. I started getting 8-10 hours of sleep a night without disruption. I became careful about what I eat each day. I watch a ton of comedy and laugh. I eat bananas for breakfast and chocolate only sometimes. Most mornings I work out and do yoga. I’m trying to forget about the past and be grateful for the now.

Unintentionally, I noticed a massive spillover from physical care to business acumen. The more I take control of my personal health and personal prosperity, the more my brain ignites with creativity, passion, and optimism in my work. Mental clarity improves with every consecutive workout I have. My writing skills seem improve with each salad I eat for lunch. 

It finally struck me that optimizing your personal life will give you a competitive advantage in your work. 

1. The best thing I did this past year was to start to think of health and self-care as a business decision.

All last weekend I felt stuck. I felt like everything was in a dip and not moving forward. I felt financially broke and a little bit like a fool. Then I had my weekly meeting with Allie and Adam of The Wonder Jam. Our conversation was practical and cleansing. I left no longer feeling hopeless and instead like things seemed possible again. People with that much emotional intelligence paired with real world skills are amazing and hard to come by. I have no doubt choosing to work with them is one of the best choices I’ve made in the last year. There are many others that I am so grateful to be around.

Are the people you work with inspiring, positive and filled with abundance? Or are they pessimistic, stressed, and closed off about sharing their feelings and art?

Are the people you work with people who simply do tasks they’re told or who go above and beyond and out of their way to create magic?

If the people you work with aren’t madly passionate, scary-competent, and uplifting you need to rethink where you want to be. 

2. The 2nd best business decision I made was to only work with the best people I could find.

Maybe it will take a full year for you to feel the effect following choices like these.

Maybe it’s a risk and you’re supposed to “be on the grind” and opt out of personal development for 90 hour work weeks. Maybe it’s every man for himself. 

Maybe you’ll go broke.

And all you will be left with is health, happiness, and positive relationships. 

Sounds like a risk I’m willing to take.

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