The Problem With Success

 I had been invited to a dinner and drinks event with entrepreneurs who had 100 times the experience I have. 

I kept focused on eating pizza so I didn’t have to talk, I didn’t have much advice for a founder with 50+ employees. Sitting in a circle I began to hear each one talk about the problems they were having. 

They didn’t talk about their companies. At all. Or strategies. Or ways to get more capital. 

They all shared one problem: they were too successful.

 At first I didn’t buy it. It sounded “first world” or anti capitalism! You’ve just made millions off your company!

But their problems were real. Divorces, falling out with friends, missing out on children growing up, extreme stress and anxiety, missing life goals, depression, health problems…

Because what I realized then was to be successful you must sacrifice. 

And to be massively successful you most sacrifice even more. There are outliers here but for most average successful people this is true.

So knowingly or unknowingly they (and you) face a reality. It’s up to you to choose what is worth it, I don’t know the answer. 

How much do you want to sacrifice? 

It could be you want to make $80 Million. The deal for you is to get there you must work 14 hour days. You also must sacrifice much of your outside life and create some bad health habits. 

This isn’t a rule, it’s simply looking at a basic breakdown of time. 14 hour days means you work 3,640 hours out of 8,760 hours a year. And that’s not even subtracting out sleep or food or every other daily task.

Maybe this sounds like a good deal to you. I don’t care about hobbies or sleep! Maybe you think you can get $80 Million without real sacrifice. “I’m Iron Man, I can do it all!” But I doubt this can happen for many of us.

It’s ok to sometimes bleed for the things you want, in fact it may even be necessary. 

But true success is mastering yourself. Many lose this practice in the fight for financial success. Mastering yourself means learning your values and own metrics for personal achievement and keeping the discipline to hold onto them. Mastering yourself means knowing when to sacrifice and when it's not worth the squeeze.