I Quit Facebook And Became A Telemarketer

Last year I quit Facebook and devised a plan to increase my human interaction. Each week I would call my friends in attempts to stay close with them. I wanted to know people more intimately than just reading about their lives like it’s the morning news.

Like clockwork I would place calls, rotating through the list of people I haven’t spoken with in awhile. But rarely any answer.

It’s an outdated trait, many get bothered now when their phone rings.

I imagine them saying: “Why doesn’t he just text!” Errrg “Doesn’t he know I’m busy?” 

They have their own lives going on. “Besides if he really wanted to stay updated he’d get back on Facebook.”

I blame this on telemarketers for ruining a perfectly good technology from being fun.

I had recently been calling a friend of mine who tends to have trouble in her life. Always there to console, I like to reach out just to make sure things are going ok. After calling for a week or two with no response, I had been thinking to myself, “I’m here for this person and they don’t even care?” 

I couldn’t get why she didn’t pick up when I was there to help.

Just then I had a strange thought. The only reason I was calling anyone is because I wanted to talk. In reality, it had been a selfish act and I was stealing their time, not providing mine.

I'd forgotten a basic rule of relationships,

It's the listening part that creates connection.

“Good evening ma’m, is this a convenient time to chat or have I caught you in the middle of something?”


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