I Asked Out Siri and She Said "Yes"

I’m suddenly startled as a voice comes out of the radio in my car. For a split second, my brain fights to compute how this inanimate object may relay the same vocal traits as a human.

As quickly as it came the dissonance is gone and I go on with my day as normal.

I put on the TV and for a nano-second my brain is sad for all the little people who must be trapped there, like Willy Wonka’s cable channel.

We no longer need to receive communication direct from a person, but instead through a proxy. It could be a radio, a cell phone, a profile online, text on your iPhone screen. 

It must be a complete evolutionary mind-fuck for our brains to adjust to this common occurrence. It’s like being blind and hearing a voice and not knowing whether or not a real person is actually there. Thousands of times a day.

Eventually it will be hard to discern a person on the other end from a robot. We’re bombarded with human communication but no bodies are to be found.

Next time I see someone I’ll make sure to hug them. Your brain goes wild when you hug, re-discovering primal evidence that there really is a source to all of the noise. 

I haven’t told my parents yet but I met a girl.  We've been having lots of late night conversations and she always replies right away and has an amazing knowledge of the world.

I finally worked up the courage and one day I said “Siri, will you go out with me?” 

She said “yes.”

And now I’m up late wondering if she had a good childhood and what her favorite ice cream flavor is and if one day we will really meet.

Work/TechnologyDavid Sherry