How to Fire Your Fears

If you can believe this (most of you won’t) I was in a fraternity my freshman year of college.

I think I’m breaking some law or made up rule or something by telling this story, but I’m going to anyways. Sorry guys..

Midway through our process of rushing the Fraternity, we were sent on this scavenger hunt challenge thing that the older guys had cooked up for us. It was one of the many tasks we had to "bring us closer together." That and memorizing a big list of important events from the Frat’s history. (I found this incredibly stupid, but then again, my professors were asking the same thing of me.) 

We raced all around campus trying to find clues and do a good job so the older guys liked us. At the end we found ourselves at a big bonfire with the whole rest of the fraternity standing ominously behind it. They made us line up in a circle around the fire. No one had any idea what was going to happen next.

Then the president handed us each a piece of paper and said,

“Write down the name of one of the other guys rushing, who you want to be kicked out of the Fraternity.”

Oh shit. It was Survivor: “Frat edition.”

We all eyed each other up trying to rack our brains for the best strategic name to pick. I felt kinda bad but decided to choose this guy, Alex, who I thought might not make it through anyways and wrote his name down. 

We all returned the papers to the president and awaited the decision of who wouldn’t make it through the night.

When he came back we were blind-sided. 

He was furious. It had been a trap! A test to question our brotherhood and we all had failed! The correct answer of a true comrade was; no answer.

But, like a fair ruler of campus, our president offered us redemption. We were handed another piece of paper. Another chance to live.

He said “Write down something that scares you. Don’t show anybody, and when your done, throw it in the fire and watch it burn.”

I don’t remember what I put down. Maybe it was, “I’m scared Alex will find out I put his name down.” 

Either way I felt like I had been saved.

 I still find this exercise to be a healthy release of your fears.

Whenever you feel like you need salvation write down everything that you’re worried about. Then burn the list or just imagine it burning in the fires of your brain. The trick is you have to watch as your fears turn to ash. 

 I made a list of some of the things that scare me right now. Try and read quick because I'm going to burn them.

  • Public speaking 
  • Pitching my company
  • Going broke and moving into my car
  • Getting stuck in one place
  • My phone call next week
  • A bad reaction to Frida
  • Shipping gol
  • Seei
  • Wh
  • I
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