How to Brainwash Yourself

Kamal Ravikant claims to have gotten himself out of a deep depression by repeating one phrase over and over again until he actually believed it. 

He’d stare in the mirror every morning and say “I love myself.” In the car or walking home from work he’d repeat it in his head, using it as a repetitive mantra to turn his thoughts to whenever he needed refuge. 

"I love myself. I love myself. I love myself!" (feel free to say this a few times for fun)

His book explains how eventually he started to feel more positive, his thoughts had been rewired through repetition to be loving instead of self-loathing.

They say that as you develop, your brain creates pathways and streams for your thoughts to travel on. The more often you think something, the deeper these channel become as they are easiest path for thoughts to flow down.

 The trick is to find one thing and repeat it until it grinds it’s way into being a part of your normal though process and attitude. So I’m working on a few areas of my life that I want to have default processes for.  

I’m brainwashing myself with the best GOLD content I can find, and applying the 80/20 rule.

Instead of casting a wide net and consuming post after post after post from unlimited media, I’m trying a new method. 

80% of what I consume will be essentially the same material (author or concept), 20% will be new exploratory material that I can move into the 80% at some point.

I don’t need to know everything about personal finance, but I want to be proficient, so I’m going to read and re-read and re-read and re-read “I Will Teach You to Be Rich.” 

I’ll default to Ramit for my knowledge needs in this area.

For mindfulness I’m going to consume “The Power of Now” and related posts. On the plane I put it on audiobook while I slept for good measure. 

I love myself, I love myself…

and so on.

We’re all brainwashed every day anyways. Maybe it’s the TV show you’ve seen every episode of or the music you have on repeat. It could even be the people you see at work that have perspectives that slowly leak into your head until you’ve changed your mind.

If you’re going to be brainwashed you might as well choose to make it positive.

You don’t need a thousand teachers, just a few good ones that truly change your thoughts for the better. 

Let those with great wisdom cover the concepts you want as your default perspective. 

I will have fewer rivers in my head but they will all be fast moving Mississippi’s.

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