From Nervous to Comfortable to Confident

I don’t know how olympic athletes don’t have a complete nervous breakdown when they compete. 

Millions of people are watching your every move. If there was ever a time that was acceptable to be nervous and just cry, it’d be then. 

I’m nervous every week and it’s just for some meeting. 

Somehow these athletes seem comfortable. My guess is that they are just as happy practicing on their own back home with no one watching. The ones who only feel like they’re only a success if they win Gold are surely the most nervous, and likely make the most mistakes. Happiness is the journey and not the result.

When I was six I was scared of Roller-coasters because I got tricked into riding “The Tower of Terror” at Disney Land. When we got off the ride I cried on a curb for 30 minutes. 

My friends would have birthday parties at Cedar Point and I used to have a list of excuses for why I couldn’t go.

When I was 11 I forced myself to ride “The Millenium Force.” It was Cedar Point’s scariest and tallest ride. 

I had this horrible feeling in my stomach the whole time. I rode 6 more times and hated each of those too. 

Then I rode “The Raptor” and when I got off checked my photo that they take during the big loop. You could see me in the back row laughing at the time when they snapped it.

If you keep putting yourself in uncomfortable situations, all of a sudden you’ll be laughing because over time you forget about being scared. 

If you’re afraid of the water the first step is to just dip your toe in. Then just get comfortable standing in water up to your knees. Then you learn the doggy paddle. It’s best to start small. 

I don’t know why I rode the Millenium Force first. I guess as a kid I went balls to the walls.

Pretty much everything I’ve done that first made me uncomfortable or nervous has turned into something that I ended up enjoying. Maybe enjoyment comes from the act of crossing over from being “nervous” to “comfortable” to “confident?” 

“There will always be many reasons to stay but if you do you will never know what could have happened if you had left” — Carlos E. Lang

God that quote scares me.

You’ve got to close your eyes and jump.

LifeDavid Sherry