Camp Storer Post

“I miss my pre-internet brain.”

My pre internet brain… it seems hard to conceptualize life without this new appendage so central to much of our lives. Could it only be 15 years ago that our lives weren’t intertwined with a technology that never turns off?

15 years ago I was with my friends from Camp in Michigan, where I stayed 2 weeks of every Summer away from my family. 

Those were days filled with activities that didn’t warrant the use of the internet. 

Time is only valuable if you give it intention and your attention. To not give something your full attention is to let time pass without meaning. 

At camp we made our time last every day by giving it the attention it deserved.

We’d take a day trip across the lake to see an artisan well that had ice cold water with a reddish tint coming up from the ground. We got in, screaming as we tried to see who could stay in longest. Baptized by the ice water and firmly present with our feet on the rocks.

In the day we’d sing about a “moose stuck in a bog” or play capture the flag against rivalry cabins. Our counselor and our crew (The Racoons) would sneak out in the night to mess with the other kids cabins. It was harmless stuff like cover their door in sticks or bang on the windows. Then one kid peed on the shirt of another kid as a prank and we all got in trouble.

We got back to our bunks and we talked and talked and our counselor would try and get us to go to sleep but we were too full of sugar and laughs to stop. Once one kid gets everyone rolling no one can sleep and one peep from a kid gets everyone roaring again.

Our counselor was furious about the peeing incident, and decided to take us out in the night to have a fire away from the rest of the camp.  

By the lake that night we cooked vegetables and chicken wrapped into tin foil and tossed into the fire until cooked. 

He tried to tell us to remember the creed of the camp, “I’m Third” and after that we were quiet.

“I’m Third,” meant, “God first, others second, I’m Third.” 

I didn’t really know about the god part but being third is a pretty foreign concept to my current day to day life. 

Maybe I need to go back to camp.

We were like little Buddha's back then. Wrapped in our towels, talking to one another across the fire, with no need to share that moment with anyone but the people who were there.

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