Built by Revealing The Lab

Every 2 years or so I re-read the book Frankenstein. I love the story and the monster’s perspective being born into the world. 

One thing you see in the book is this societal trope of a lone inventor, tinkering away in his lab. This story is retold in similar fashion with many of our favorite historical figures; Einstein, Tesla, and Edison. We know them as being locked alone in their laboratories for years while they complete their work to reveal to the world.

These days are gone. In fact, many new creations necessitate the opposite. 

The tinkerers have to come out of their shells. The world and it’s consumers are now the test bed and laboratory from which we grow ideas.

The community is able to drive both the growth of the product and the pivot. This shared ownership increases a products distribution but also reduces cost and solidifies defensibility. 

Take Airbnb for example, which is a human connection machine. It runs off of "hotel rooms" in people's homes (reduced overhead-cost) staffed by it's community (shared ownership) that become rooted into the way we travel and even live in our homes (defensibility). Lyft let’s people share rides from cars and drivers already in the community. Hosts, drivers, cleaners, cooks, musicians, are the product and the system for growth. People are no longer cogs executing tasks, they are a community executing a system which benefits a community.

The sharing economy, crowdfunding, and open source are only the beginning of this shift. People think about data tracking as being negative, which we’ve seen backlash from on Facebook and OkCupid. However what big data let’s us as humans do, is look into the mirror and self-correct as a community. Data is being used as a democratic form of creation of goods and services. A feedback engine for the will of the community.

The new lab will be built forward facing, made up of a community of tinkerers, and built off the data from thousands of people from which to analyze and build solutions for.