When You Should Get a Tattoo?

“Why do you write?” People ask. 

“Well because I want a tattoo someday,” I respond. 

 “And I'll only get tattoos the day I know something to be true, 100%."

I'd better be sure about that thing that's going onto my body, forever. I even will endure sacrifice and pain to show how dedicated I am to a cause.

40% of the adult population has at least one tattoo. This makes for an easy ice-breaker when I talk to strangers. If they tell me they have one, I know they're in the 40% who have it all figured out. There's so much certainty in that nautical symbol below your left ankle! I think to myself.

 The truth is I’m not there yet. But I do believe I’ve learned some things along the way, and this is the reason that I write. To slowly boil these ideas and situations down into words in an email, and then one day into decrees on my skin. Writing to find truth and certainty about something. Anything.

"I don't get it." People say.

"Well, just think of my writing as my pre-tattoos," I respond.


This week's gold is Context is Key - an incredibly valuable skillshare class I've been recommending to everyone.

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