The Smack and Why I believe in Magic

I've gotten ten thousand wake up calls this year.

All of them have been calling to tell me it's time to start choosing myself.

I knew what I wanted my to become,

but I resisted choosing that path.


Instead, I hid behind simple pleasures: TV, Internet, Social Media, Junk food, alcohol... the list goes on. With it I found boredom, restlessness, anxiety, or procrastination.

Luckily the world has a built-in force for dealing with this, to keep reminding us that life is short and things won't always be as they are.

It sends you wake up calls.

Sometimes they're small: a book, a friend's promotion, a new person in your life that changes your perspective. All telling you, "The time is now to follow your dream! Here's your chance, GO!"

But you're still sleeping.

You keep ignoring the calls.

If you wait too long the world will get impatient. And then it will hit you with something bigger that smacks you awake. A family death, a breakup, getting fired. Wake up!!


The smack hurts like hell. It's incredibly unpleasant, you were in a deep sleep. One of those “I don't know who I am or what day it is” sleeps that happen after long day-time naps.

The longer you've resisted the harder the smack can be.

“Now will you pick up?” Says the world.

“Fine! Just quit smacking me already!” I respond.

So I answered. I listened. And learned that these calls were there to help me make the right decisions. They bring me back to awareness of what's important and what I should be working toward. I wouldn't listen so the correction had to come the hard way. The world knows us all too well.


Part 2 -"I Believe in Magic"


There's a duality to this force, as with any law in this world.

We have the opportunity to steer ourselves so as to avoid many of these corrections that are sent our way.

You have magic of your own, you see.

It's powerful. It makes my brain hurt when I think about how powerful your magic can be.


Every time you get over things that have previously held you back, you've created a bit of magic.

You know what this feels like. First it's uncomfortable. But then it gives you a feeling more intoxicating than anything else in the world.


Making a connection with a stranger; magic.

Asking someone out, and they say yes; magic.

Traveling and learning; magic.

Publishing your work and getting positive feedback; magic.

You must actively choose to create magic in your life by killing complacency and facing short-term discomfort. Otherwise, the world will be back in charge and it will start to call again for your reckoning.

I want all of my actions to create magic. I want to share magic with everyone I meet.

Magic creates events that people call “Karma” or “Serendipity.” You'll begin to notice you've started attracting these positive events into your life. Injecting substance in your life with each new endeavor.

After you hone in on your path, you become a beacon for others to share your magic with. Your magnetism attracts strangers and you can give them some of your spell.

Have you ever felt like something positive just appeared in your life? That was because your beacon was lit with magic. All from working through your discomfort. Your magic feels its strongest when it bonds with others who are on this path.

Some, however will undoubtably get angry at you for finding this light. They will think you changed, because you have. But it's more an uncovering than a transformation. They're angry that you went through the struggle to get there. Because the more people that do this the more alone they feel, and the more scared they are of facing their own struggle. Don't worry about them, instead continue so that you may inspire someone else.

I still lose my awareness and start to fall asleep. So I rub my hands together to see if I can create a little magic, keeping an eye on the horizon.


Part 3 - Epilogue


Just in front of you is a hill covered in brush. In the distance, a dense pine forest that extends gradually upward toward the sky. Above, a peak exposes itself in varying amounts of fog.

Today a hill.

Tomorrow a forest.

The Future Is That Mountain.

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