Stories That Spread Across the Country

I explored a set of train tracks by an overpass that faced the city.
Tightroping the rail, I put my hands out on either side for balance.

I could probably take this track all of the way to California if I wanted to.

233,000. That's how many miles of train tracks there are in the US. I could get almost anywhere in the entire country from this spot without leaving the track. We're that connected.

I followed the rail through a big overpass that shaded the sun. The walls were covered in graffiti. Personal expressions, monikers, initials, and quotes like "On Tap" or "Any Road" with a big bubble arrow stretched around it. I thought about all the paths you can use to share a story now.

It started with legends created by the fireside.
These stories were spread by travelers passing through town, expanding the tales like a long game of telephone.

Then the printing press. Then the microphone. Then the publishing company, and now social platforms like Twitter. All used for spreading stories across the globe.

We're all story tellers, every day. We must simply pick the medium and the paths our stories will travel. The options are infinite now.

Suddenly a train rumbled in my direction and I ran up the hill to watch it pass. Waving my arm and jumping up and down, I got a loud whistle as I cheered on the train's passing.

In the blur, I saw graffiti on the sides of the train whizzing past, making its way to California for someone else to see.  

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-David Sherry

David Sherry