Is Life Short or Long?

Most people say life is short, I'm not sure if I agree.

Life is long.

If you think your life is short, think back to the last time you woke up hungover and had to go to work. Or were stuck in class on a beautiful spring day where the birds were happy and instead you were inside? That felt long to me.

And the average life span has doubled in the past 200 years. We've got TWICE as much time as our forefathers to do what we please.

Most people don't consider themselves wealthy. But ask yourself:

Would you trade places with someone with tons of money from the 18th Century? The no-plumbing, no-telephone, no-car-or-airplane days?

If you're answer is "No" then you're probably more wealthy than you think.

An old king of England couldn't own a car or fly somewhere across the world or get antibiotics, but today a bartender can. So what is wealth?

Many think that most people these days are stupid. They made a movie and called it “Idiocracy” and people thought it was coming true. I don't think this is true.

Which is better: 1 scientist trying to solve a problem, or 1 Million scientists trying to solve a problem?

The more brains we have working on a problem, in all likely-hood the quicker and more proficient we're able to solve it. We see this in business. Which provides a better product? 50 companies in competition for streaming online radio? Or 1 company that produces streaming online radio?

This is a matter of numbers. We're estimated to have 9 Billion people on the planet by 2030. That means millions of more minds put to work on our problems. And now we have technology, the internet, that combines our brains even faster. So brains are connecting and multiplying and sharing and soon we'll create technology that acts as a human brain. And then we will produce a trillion of those computer-brains and enslave them to solving problems for us until one day they turn into Skynet.

*Somebody cryo-freeze Arnold before he dies please.*

So life is long, when compared to previous generations.

However it's impossibly short in the scheme of the universe. We're a rounding error away from not having existed in the scheme of time :)

We're wealthy, yes, but only in relation to the 18th century. I can imagine the horror of my grandkids when I tell them about what my life was like, you know, way back in the early 2000's. Practically cavemen.

We're smart, but not 9 Billion brains, 1 trillion computers, smart.

So are what are we? Wealthy? Do we live awhile? Smart? Are we a rounding error?

Well I guess it's all relative to which glasses we look through.

Past or future lenses. Optimist or pessimist glasses. Which frame do you choose to see? It's strange, the impact choosing the right frame can make.

When I go to the movies, I prefer to wear 3D glasses.

They're the kind that have one lens “grateful” and the other one “optimistic” so that they cross the colors and I see the world in a whole new dimension.

We're the oldest, wealthiest, smartest people to ever walk the face of this earth!

Then again, maybe I'm oversimplifying things.

This week's gold is Hooked, How to Build Habit-Forming Products by Nir Eyal, he's a gold list reader who's blog I've followed for awhile. I will for sure read this shortly, he's got great insight on this topic and I find it fascinating. 

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