How to Create your New Years Resolution

If you squint hard enough, the lights flare and dance when you move your head side to side. Cozy in my heated vehicle, my wipers cleared the rain streaking across the windshield. I accelerated onto the highway from a rest stop and checked my mirror.

When you look back at this past year, what do you see?

At a first glance, I saw highlights.


I graduated college. I camped all the way to Austin, Texas by way of Colorado and New Mexico. I fell in love with photography, and shared it with friends. I've met more awesome people this year than any time before. I'm not dead yet, which is nice.


Then I saw the lows.


Leaving school was one of my biggest life transitions to date. Friends moved away and now I lived alone. Not taking a job is scary and you feel a weight of responsibility. I'm in over my head and and there's still a kid in me that would prefer to hide.


But this is all just merely punctuation. 


The caps on the end of a much deeper progress that had been occurring in the mundane blur of daily life.
It takes verbs and nouns and adjectives to build a sentence. It takes actions, people, and feelings to get to the highlights and the lows of your life.

But it was the plateaus. The daily rituals, the thousands of decisions and emails, mini-efforts and unconscious adjustments that lead me to where I am today, not the highlights or dejections.


This is the true "resolution" that we seek.

Your resolution, whatever it may be, is created in the fabric, the in-between, rather than the marked events you see when you look behind you.

It's hard to remember the fabric. Nothing stands out about any of it's threads. The fabric is in the morning when you stay in bed an extra hour. The fabric is your food choices at a restaurant. The fabric is woven by repeated actions and in the spaces in-between.

Check your heart, it'll express this in the beeping monitor. The line rides steady and then briefly peaks and plummets, before riding flat again.

Yes, it's possible, one small decision may lead to a great high or a great low. A friend met his wife in a last minute, scary decision to run through the store before she left to give her his number. 

But i'd argue that these small decisions, too, were created from a bundle of previous decisions which created these outcomes. It's likely the guy had been building confidence to make such an effort for months prior to this interaction. 

Whatever your resolution may be this year, weave it into the fabric of your daily life.


I'm planning on reading every day, sometimes multiple books. 

I'll continue writing this each week.

I plan on getting more organized and smarter with money.

I want to try and be grateful and live with abundance every day.

My resolution is life, created in the fabric. 

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I hope that 2014 is a big year for you. As always, hit reply if there's a way I can help you make it so.

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