How Sharp is Your Sixth Sense?

"Why don't we go on adventures? The ocean is huge and we don't even know how huge yet. We are made to explore, you know?"

I was contemplating life at a late night diner.
How cliche.

It was just that I couldn't think of any adventures to go on from inside a fast food restaurant. Probably because I couldn't think straight from these damn cheeseburgers! These things are meant to hit all of our pleasure centers at once from the unnatural combo of meat, cheese, fats, and salts all rolled into one. Scientists have worked for years to create these super-pleasures. 

They've been made to stimulate all our senses until we're intoxicated.
Maybe just one more bite...

I heard a blind man interviewed on the radio. With his loss of sight, came a sharpening of his other senses. He became an Olympic skier and had accomplished more as a blind man than most people with 20/20 vision.
Later in life, he regained his sight through the miracles of modern medicine.

When asked about his life now, he said, "I feel like regaining my sight has put me at a disadvantage."
All of a sudden, he could see the things that were supposed to scare him before the trees on the mountain he was flying passed on skis, the buses on the road he was waiting to pass. He had never felt these fears before. By gaining his sense of sight, his other senses began to dull. And this dullness made him afraid.

Most people I know my age don't want money, they want to have meaning.

We're all on a quest just like the great explorers of our past. But as we consume the pleasures of the constant stimulation of media, instant gratification and genetically modified foods, our senses begin to dull.

To find meaning, we must work to sharpen our sixth and most important sense. This is the sense that the blind skier had sharpened all along. The one that will help us in our quest. This, of course, is our sense of adventure.

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-David Sherry

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