Another Chance For You to Be Crazy

Each morning I wake up and think, "Who should I be today?"

It's fun because I'm given all of these chances.

If you’d asked me what I was thankful for on Thanksgiving I'd say "I'm thankful for having a new chance every day."

It sounds selfish, but I'm so grateful for this. When I think about that opportunity I feel unstoppable.Another Chance For You to Be Crazy

I'm happiest when I'm not "myself."

Being myself means I haven't gotten better or worse. I stayed the same. Ugh.

When I feel stuck or make a mistake I try and not get upset.

Instead I to try and be grateful for the next chance. 

Every day there's a new opportunity to be someone a little different.

If things don't go your way today, don't get too down. If you've made mistakes or are scared, just remember, simply surviving is succeeding. The same goes for your business. Tomorrow will allow you to try again. You get to choose to be something different than you were yesterday. Someone better. How many decisions are really permanent?

Author/Entrepreneur Tim Ferris is a perfect example of this. He thinks to himself "What would happen if I ate only meat for 2 weeks?" and then all he eats is steak. He says, "Wow, I feel kind of awesome," and then he says, "But what if I only eat vegetables for 2 weeks?" and tries that, too.

Knowing you have new chances means you can take more small risks each day.

Tomorrow you can say, "Why not?" and then do something that yesterday-you thinks is crazy. Call a business that you love and just say, "Hey, I'm just calling to say thank you, goodbye."

A couple that met on OK Cupid said, "Why not," and decided to backpack Europe for 21 days within hours of meeting each other. If you say, "That's crazy; I can't do that!" It's ok, let go, tomorrow there will be another chance.

Yesterday I stepped into the woods, only hours before dusk. I needed the quiet, and protection from the wind. The trees only had a few leaves left on their branches.

"This forest never changes," I said squinting at the sky.

Everything appeared to be black and white.

The Winter always shows us true contrast.

All we do is change.


This week's gold is Streak - an amazing CRM that integrates with Gmail. It looks like it has a ton of promise for Kickstarter campaigns or tracking sales. Thanks to Jared for showing me.

P.S. I FINALLY understand (kinda) Tumblr! Let's tumble together?

As always, I'm happy to chat with you about problem solving your project, travel, culture, social media..

-David Sherry

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