A Star Was Born This Way

I wish you had had the chance to hear Stefani Germanotta sing, but the world got to her first. She was so young, and she really had something special. :(

Bartenders and karaoke DJs in Soho can tell you about the first time they saw her spark. They say she left her soul on the stage.

But one day her spark combined with just the right amount of oxygen and exploded into a fire that swept across the planet. I heard Stefani was later found alive performing at Madison Square Garden under the name Lady Gaga, wearing mascara and an outfit you'd see in the movie Zoolander.  

I felt sad for Stefani; I checked all over for her CDs but apparently nobody's heard of her before. The old Stefani is dead and nobody cares. 

Many artists have to give up their identity to produce the work they truly want to create. 

Like a phoenix, she shed her identity to rise out of its ashes as Lady Gaga, an alter ego that grew to greater heights than anyone could imagine. This, of course, has its trade-offs.

Her art became pieces of her heart and soul on display for the whole world to take or reject - but artists hope that people take it. Their only intentions are for people to take it. And when they do, the artist doesn’t get that piece back. 

Artists create so that they can give people the spark, even if it means they run out of their own. After her Madison Square Garden show, Stefani cried and said she felt like a "loser." 

When you ask her fans, they said that they felt "on top of the world," maybe even like stars.

And I'm sure she wouldn't have had it any other way.

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-David Sherry

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