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I'm David.

I help brands and creators become uniquely successful,

as themselves.

Work –

Creative Caffeine Newsletter - A regular email conversation with readers, sharing my newest art and ideas to help you break patterns and stand out.


(My most enjoyable creative habit.)

The Creative Caffeine Podcast - A bi-weekly show about how to launch successful projects and build momentum and energy in your work.  


(Where I'm learning the most.)

Death to the Stock Photo - Premium photography and video resources for creators with great taste and high expectations. 

A company I started out of school which I grew to 500k subscribers and over $1M in revenue.

(A platform to connect with and support artists and makers around the globe.)

Killer Brand Marketing - A branding course for growing your company from the ground up to stand out with lasting vision and development.

(One on One coaching and development, to make change quickly and effectively.)

Photography - I used to shoot photography professionally, but now I take a few projects a year if I love the artist or brand.

My approach is to bring clarity to your work, and give you and your brand a unique and permanent advantage:  becoming your best self. 


I work with and aim to help what I call "non-conformist, empire builders"


Non-Conformist Empire Builders (definition):


1. Seek to build and launch multiple successful projects, brands or companies over their lifetime. 

2. Break some rules. The kind that help others instead of hurt. 

3. Win by being themselves (instead of following others).

I'm currently working on a new project called [REDACTED] 


I'm based in sunny Los Angeles.