Shiny Links + Applicable Analysis.

The increasing amount of products, tech, music, media

(shows, podcasts etc.)  is overwhelming. 



The accelerating rate of new media and products means mass markets have splintered into infinite niches, making it incredibly difficult to be clued into "what's popular" or what's gaining traction and why.  




1. We live in a world where we're perpetual newbies, and the sheer volume of new media, brands, resources and tools are overwhelming. 


2. Plenty of sites suggest, rank, and give you ideas for what to consume... 

What's missing is the relevant context – the "why" and the "what next."

It's not just the ideas that interest me, it's what's driving them and how we can 

apply them ourselves. 


I believe that sifting through the clutter to find relevant, outstanding media and ideas is absolutely necessary for entrepreneurs and creators to play at their highest level in today's landscape.  This means understanding the shifts, patterns, and ideas that are moving today's fastest growing brands.



The goal of The Gold List is to help you see what others don't see. 


The gold list, digs through the layers and shares the ideas behind interesting brands, and products that are gaining traction, so that you can understand and apply the insights in your own respective field. 



The Gold List helps you acclimate to these changes by sharing products and concepts that are worth noting, and giving analysis on how you can leverage them or learn from them. 

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The Gold List has two propositions: 


1st - Keep you looped in to products I (personally) find to be high-quality or fascinating.  

These are things that stand out to me as interesting, quality, totally off, or have a unique feature or characteristic that makes me want to comment on them and share them with you. Much like what I've listed above.


2nd - Peel back the layers. 

What's behind these ideas and products, giving us a snapshot of a trend, and ideas we can use or perspectives that are changed once we consume them. 


This is about continually pushing forward to the edge of culture and consumption so that you can adopt these new trends and postures for yourself. The Gold List should help keep you fresh instead of behind.


These posts come out 3x a week, and are delivered to your inbox. 


At the very least, you might have a few more great podcast, or product recommendations to consume and tell your friends about.

Hey, I'm David.  4 years ago, I graduated college and founded a company called Death to the Stock Photo. It sends email that resources and inspires 500,000 creatives around the globe. I write a weekly email called the Gold list, which breaks down patterns of art and tech with clarity in easy to consume emails (~500 words) once a week. I talk about the journey on my podcast, The First 4 Years. I also take photos, DJ, and sell T-Shirts with my life mottos on them.



About The Gold List:

The Gold List started as a link-suggestion service of products I love, 

then, slowly, it became a personal journal for me for over 2 years.


Now, I'm combining the two into what I believe is most needed in the world, and most interesting to me as a writer.  We live in a world now where we're perpetual newbies. 



Do you know Chapo Trap House? They bring in $64,000 in donations every month for their podcast.


Or two of the hottest French Directors and Musicians, The Blaze, who put out subversive music and films like Territory (Currently has over 3M views, my favorite video of the year, 2nd to HUMBLE). 


What about Medi Club - An event series where hundreds of young hip NY city dwellers gather to meditate and talk about current events and issues?



The reality is we need to dig deeper through the layers and clutter to find relevant quality products, and our previous method of finding them (mass media) will no longer be able to serve us. Think about it, the last time you heard about an incredible brand, product, or bit of media, did it come from major news publications? We're hearing about what's new from our networks.


But that's not enough. Because It's not just about hearing occasionally what's new or interesting, or stumbling on it yourself. 


I believe that sifting through the clutter and relaying relevant, outstanding media and ideas is absolutely necessary for entrepreneurs and creators to play at their highest level in today's landscape. 


I'm interested in the products, but I'm most interested in the meaning, strategy, and trends behind them, and how we can apply that ourselves.